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We are Bill Askew, Andy Roberts, Tom Burns, Chris Morgan and Bruce “will there be a hairdryer” Askew and we are taking part in Earth Wind and Tyre an epic two-day 215 mile, 15,000ft bike ride through the hills of Northumberland and the Scottish Borders ending on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

We’re doing this challenging bike ride for two reasons, firstly because we’re supporting Renewable World, a great charity that delivers sustainable renewable energy projects that make a real and lasting difference to the wellbeing, livelihoods and life chances of some of the poorest families in the world and secondly because, although we should know better at this stage in our lives, unfortunately we don’t.

The money that we raise could help to provide a solar powered water pumping system for families living in remote rural locations reducing the hours spent, mostly by women and girls, carrying water containers up steep mountain tracks - enabling children to go to school and women to grow food for their families and to sell. Or it could be used to support the construction of small scale solar microgrids supplying energy to remote and isolated communities in Kenya making ice so that fishermen can keep their catch fresh and get better prices, powering irrigation to improve food production, bringing light and power to homes and reducing dependence on the harmful burning of kerosene. These projects support people who are amongst the poorest in the world, living on less than $1.25 a day but they’re not just a “hand out”. The projects are designed to be sustainable not just environmentally through the use renewable energy, but also financially. Projects are designed and delivered in consultation with the communities they serve who will often become the owners of the projects and will pay for their upkeep through affordable energy or water tariffs.

Your donation will make a real difference:

£10 Could give a fisherman living on the shores of Lake Victoria access to solar power for a year, allowing them to refrigerate their fish and demand a fair price.

£25 Could provide two families in Nepal with access to solar-pumped water for a year, available from a tap stand located right outside their home.

£51 Could pay for the wiring and fittings needed for a house to receive electricity for the first time from a community owned and managed solar microgrid.

Chris is fundraising towards

Earth Wind & Tyre 2019

EARTH WIND & TYRE 2 Days, 11 Wind Farms, 216 Miles Earth Wind & Tyre is a two-day, 216-mile, wind-themed cycle challenge. Now in its fifth year, this event brings together teams and individuals from across the renewable energy industry and beyond to raise funds for our ...

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