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Stephen Balint

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If you are looking at this page you almost certainly know who I am, and I have probably asked you to donate to this cause on previous occasions. This will be my third time on Earth Wind & Tyre which is a significant challenge for my aging limbs! Over two days it covers 215 miles and includes over 13,000 feet of climbing. As you can imagine, it requires several months of time-consuming training.

Why do I do it? I do it because I am driven to raise more money for Renewable World. For the last ten years they have been tackling poverty using renewable energy. Currently, 40,000 people have benefitted from the programmes, transforming their health, education and economic security.

It is worth reflecting on just how transformational these impacts can be. For instance, consider that in South Asia, Renewable World's project sites now pump – using renewable energy – roughly 700 tonnes of water every day! That is over 10,000 times my body weight and volume in water!

Just imagine how that has changed the lives of the women and children who used to walk long distances to collect water and then carry it back to their homes, usually a climb of hundreds of metres in height. Now, just like you or I, they can simply turn on a tap. They have more time to study, to grow crops, to earn income and can spend time with their loved ones.

Looking forward to the next few years Renewable World are determined to move 100,000 people out of energy poverty by 2022. Achieving this target will require them to add further skills and capacity to their team. But the greatest challenge will be the significant scale-up of the funding required to support the programmes. In the continuing difficult economic conditions, achieving these targets will not be easy. That is why they need your help.

Please help me beat my target of raising £1,500. Your support makes getting out for training rides in the wind and rain worthwhile.

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Earth Wind & Tyre 2019

EARTH WIND & TYRE 2 Days, 11 Wind Farms, 216 Miles Earth Wind & Tyre is a two-day, 216-mile, wind-themed cycle challenge. Now in its fifth year, this event brings together teams and individuals from across the renewable energy industry and beyond to raise funds for our ...

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