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EDF Renewables has a bumper team of 13 riders taking on this year’s Earth Wind and Tyre challenge. We are facing 216 miles in 2 days, cycling through harsh terrain and wind to travel between Durham and Edinburgh. The event passes by 11 iconic windfarms as it meanders through stunning Durham, Northumberland, Borders and Lothian countryside. Our team consists of Don Mackay, Mathieu Rincent, Jeremy Bailey, Chris Palmer, Mark Lawson, Sunny Shah, Brian Matthews, Tilly Spencer, John Samson, Ka Man Yau, Camille Bastide, Kevin Cannon, & Matthew Spring.


We are putting ourselves through this in support of Renewable World, a charity that brings life changing renewable energy solutions to remote and struggling communities in Nepal, African and Central American countries. Simple solutions that are life changing and allows communities to become sustainable as businesses become viable and simple solutions are realised using systems such as solar powered irrigation systems, or chillers to keep food for longer. More information about the amazing work Renewable World do can be found on their website. EDF Renewables have been a keen supporter of this charity for a number of years as we are keen to support their incredible efforts.


If you would like to support this worthy cause then please use our team donation page to do so, either individually or with a corporate donation, as we look to raise our £7,500 target!


Remember, all funds raised will be used to bring clean energy to power poor communities in the developing world to power themselves out of poverty.

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